American Colonial Coin Silver Tankard Adrian Bancker 1750 New York

.American Colonial Coin Silver Tankard Adrian Bancker 1750 New York

code: G2

Amazing American Colonial coin silver lidded tankard by the esteemed and renown silversmith Adrian Bancker of New York, c.1750. This magnificent tankard features a slightly tapered straight sided body with a mildly flared threaded base and a flared upper rim. The hinged lid features a very decorative monogram surrounded by an engraved border. The outer rim of the tankard features an cut decoration or accent with minor engraved decorations and crosshatching. The attached thumb piece is in the form of a tight corkscrew. The large handle features an applied rat tail decoration. The bottom of the handle features a flat circular accent. Monogrammed "RCC" in ornate period scroll script. Marked with Adrian Bancker′s makers mark on both sides of the handle. There is a slight dent in the handle. This stunning tankard measures 7 15/16" across the handle, 5" wide, 6 1/2" tall, and weighs 26.2 ozt. The soft, warm, original finish is present, with no buffing or machine polishing. The excellent original condition and clear, crisp detail, with no repairs, removals, or alterations, make this an especially attractive offering. Monogrammed as described above.