Art and Crafts Tablespoon Theodore Pond KWO-NE-SHE Sterling Silver 1913

.Art and Crafts Tablespoon Theodore Pond KWO-NE-SHE Sterling Silver 1913

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American Arts and Crafts style hand made, hammered tablespoon by Theodore Hanford Pond of Baltimore Maryland. A writer, lecturer, educator, craftsman, and museum director, Theodore Pond attended Pratt Institute from 1888 to 1892. He subsequently designed glass for Tiffany Studios, held various academic positions, including teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design, and directed the Pond Applied Arts Studios from 1911 to 1914. Core to his belief was that metalsmiths should be able to execute their pieces from beginning to end. What he did make was all done by hand, by himself. As such, his pieces are hard to find. This very desirable spoon is 8 3/8" long and weighs 68 grams or 2.2 ozs. Troy. It is marked Sterling, Pond and has the KWO-NE-SHE hand wrought Dragonfly mark. KWO-NE-SHE is Chippewa for dragonfly, and was used in Longfellow′s Song of Hiawatha. It retains its wonderful hammered finish and has a contemporary Arts and Crafts style monogram: LBP on the front of the handle. Monogrammed as described above, the soft, warm, original finish is present, with no buffing or machine polishing. The excellent original condition and clear detail, with no removals, repairs or alterations, make this an especially attractive offering.