Italian 800 Silver Peppermill 1930 Alessandria

.Italian 800 Silver Peppermill 1930 Alessandria

code: WB739

Italian 800 silver large peppermill having an all silver body and top. The large steel mechanism is in excellent working order and grinds the peppercorns to the desired coarseness set by the silver adjuster nut. This elegant and distinctive grinder is a generous 9 1/4" in height and weighs 495 grams or 15.91 Troy ounces. The weight includes the steel shaft and grinding gears, but the body is of substantial weight and there is no wooden interior. It has a mongrammed "N" which is done with classical scrolls. The exceptional original condition and clear, crisp detail, with no repairs or alterations, make this an especially attractive offering. The soft, warm, original finish is present, with no buffing or machine polishing.